Magdalena, Victorian Fairy Necklace

Have you seen the fairies at the bottom of your garden? Or are they still hiding from you?

We all know that fairies are powerful but the one thing we continue to debate is whether they’re mischievous pranksters, kidnappers of children, or delightful creatures that sprinkle us with magical fairy dust.

This 2 X 2inch (5.08 X 5.08cm) steampunk fairy pendant is an original item created by the Victorian Magpie. All parts are soldered together by torch, so you know this item is as durable as the fairy that guards it.

The Magdalena Steampunk necklace is ready to ship in 1 to 2 days, We’ll also giftwrap your necklace for that special touch.

Thank you for your time, dear reader, and please, if you have some more to spare, browse our other vintage, steampunk, and antique items. Each piece is individual and won’t be found on another’s neck.


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