About Us

If you’re anything like we are, you love jewelry. There’s something magical about the way a small piece of jewelry can brighten your whole day. We never feel fully dressed until we put on that special ring, that just-right pair of earrings, or that perfect pendant, and we’re willing to bet that you don’t either!

The Victorian Magpie came to be when we started designing steampunk jewelry because of our love for vintage items and watches. It was a natural course for two people who are passionate about antiques, jewelry, art and watches. Whether fine-jewelry or costume-jewelry, we wanted to add that special touch of personality that sparks to life in when something is made by hand. Being long-term geeks, both Lois and June funnel their love of science fiction and fantasy into every new design.

On the pages of this site, you’ll find photos of our one-of-a-kind creations. Each one is a custom work of art that we’ve designed just for you. If you can’t find exactly what you want in these pages, drop us a note about custom design services.

More About June

June Druchunas


I grew up as a very creative child; I was always getting into something. Coming from a very talented family was a positive influence. Every day was another project and a fun adventure.

My love of jewelry goes back as far as I can remember. I have spent the better part of 30+ years in the traditional retail jewelry environment. Making art/jewelry from vintage discarded jewelry and watches allows me the opportunity to take my years of experience in the traditional jewelry, my love for antiques, jewelry and watches and fuse it with inspiration to create these items from non-functional treasure. To be able to give them new life is very satisfying. I enjoy discovering the treasure locked inside and bringing it to life for someone to enjoy for years to come. The hardest part for me is parting with my new creations! I tend to want to keep them all.

I was born in New York, on Long Island, and after many hops around the country I settled down in Wilmington, NC.

Email Me: june@victorianmagpie.com

More About Lois

Lois - Victorian Magpie

In high school, I started out making spoon rings and using whatever was left over to make wind chimes. My high school art teacher took my love of metalsmithing seriously, setting me up with materials and tools to continue making jewelry throughout high school. These items my mother and I sold at art fairs around Western Kentucky.

In college, My geology teacher provided me with stones to set while also selling the finished pieces to his fellow teachers. From there, I took enough jewelry courses in Flagstaff AZ to graduate with that as a major emphasis, and added all the art courses I could.

This combo of jewelry and art led finally to a side career as an artist of jewelry/sculptures in sterling silver which were sold at galleries in Sedona and Scottsdale. This was in addition to working as a master jeweler to several traditional jewelry companies.

Jewelry Victorian Magpie

For 20 years I ran my own watch and jewelry repair service in Arizona. I began assembling watch part jewelry at least twenty-five years ago when I made a brooch from an unrepairable watch for my mother. It had belonged to her sister and was sentimental to her. I dismantled it and paired those parts with an Art Deco style woman’s head. She loved the idea of wearing her sister’s “watch” in this way.I have been saving windup watches ever since.

My pieces for The Victorian Magpie’s Steampunk jewelry line are inspired by my fascination with the Victorian Goth scene and Steampunk, even while remaining a conservative, traditional jeweler. My continued friendship with one of my former jewelry coworkers (June) who shares this love of Steampunk led to the formation of The Victorian Magpie. If ever two beings could be said to be “distracted by shiny things” it would be us.

After having lived on both coasts, I have settled on the East Coast once more in Virginia Beach, VA where I still work in jewelry, run a bohemian clothing ebay store, make Steampunk jewelry for an Etsy store and write young adult novels in whatever spare time is left.