Hershel, Patina Steampunk Sea Turtle Necklace

Super cute sea turtle necklace - accents with small Sea shell. The background is a vintage pocket watch top plate from the early 1900s. Patinated to perfection with just the right amount of Swarovski Crystals

Herschel, Herschel, where are you going?

Herschel the sea turtle makes its way towards the seashell.

This 2 X 2inch (5.08 X 5.08cm) sea turtle engraved pocket watch plate from the 1900s has been transformed into the delightful pendant you see here. It’s an original item created by the Victorian Magpie and it comes with a 16-inch chain, or a length personalized at your request. The elements of this piece are soldered together with a torch and its beautiful green patina is enchanting.

Herschel is ready to ship in 1 to 2 days. We’ll also giftwrap your necklace for that special touch.

Thank you for your time, dear reader, and please, if you have some more to spare, browse our other vintage, steampunk, and antique items. Each piece is individual and won’t be found on another’s neck.


1 Victorian

2 Steampunk

3 Turtle

4 Clockwork

5 Handcrafted

6 Artisan

7 Jewelry

8 Necklace

9 Pocket watch

10 Sea

11 Vintage

12 Seashell

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