WALTHAM Dragon Watch Necklace

Does a steampunk dragon breathe fire or absinthe steam? A fierce dragon guards a Waltham pocket watch movement with its whole being and it will guard your heart as it drapes its chain around your neck, in the same manner. This 2 X 2inch (5.08 X 5.08cm) steampunk dragon pendant is an original item created by the Victorian Magpie. The components are soldered together with torch and fire, this heirloom will be passed down from generation to generation. This extraordinary piece is ready to ship in 1 to 2 days, we can also giftwrap your necklace for that special touch. Thank you for your time, dear reader, and please, if you have some more time to spare, browse our other vintage, steampunk, and antique items. Each piece is individual and won’t be found on another’s neck. And in answer to the question “Does a steampunk dragon breather fire or absinthe steam? Well…that depends on what you feed him.

* Steampunk style dragon necklace
* Design includes vintage jeweled pocket watch movement
* Vintage dragon findings
* Size: approx. 2.5"
* Fits most teens and adults

Note: this item is made using genuine vintage watch parts. Your item may vary slightly from the designs seen in the product photos.


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